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Heritage Periodic Table Display of Element Collection

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  • Item #: 455612

Size: 170*120*24mm

Did you know that this year is the 150th anniversary since the discovery of the periodic element system by Dmitri Mendeleev?

Science geeks and even anyone who simply remembers how we used to deal with, or okay, MEMORIZEââ‚?all the elements in the periodic table back in school would be amazed with this acrylic-encased periodic table of elements!


This piece of beauty has ACTUAL elements embedded inside the acrylic casing. They have been carefully placed and beautifully arranged inside to showcase each element’s uniqueness.

The Periodic Table Display with Real Elements is a work of art & science that is a must-have in your home or office. It’s definitely a conversation starter for anyone who visits and sees this miniature periodic table.

Elements have been broken, cut, machined, melted or smashed with a hammer to achieve the accurate size for the table.

  • Explore different elements! You never knew how they’d look like with your bare eyes.
  • Enjoy this beautiful mini collection of actual elements in the universe.
  • A great conversation piece for science fans or any curious ones who’ll drop by your desk.
  • Display easily on your desktop, on the shelves, or wherever you feel like it’s best placed in.

We all wished we had this while studying but it’s never too late to enjoy this miniature and beautiful piece of science. Take this to your home and celebrate with everyone else this beautiful discovery.


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