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Stitch Sew Quick handheld sewing machine

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handheld sewing machine
handheld sewing machine
10pc Cotton Fabric

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Stitch Sew Quick handheld sewing machine

♥【Mini Portable Design】This portable hand sewing machine is mini and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, which can offer better control and easier operation to meet various sewing requirements in daily life. Compared with the conventional machines, this small sewing machine is lightweight, can be used in Home, office or Travel.
♥【More User-friendly Design】The manual sewing machine is equipped with 4 thread set points, which can be easily disassembled just by sewing with a button and an adjustable mounting plate. Manual sewing machine consists of a manual, long rod, tapping, two sewing needles, nine spools, tape, scissors and so on.
♥【Easy to Use】This product is powered by 4 AA batteries or 6V power supply (both are not included), you can quickly connect it to a flat edge with the touch of a button. Note: Since this is a monofilament sewing machine, you must tie it yourself, otherwise the power cord will fall slightly.
♥【Package Includesã€?x Spool with Spool(Random Color); 2x Needle; 1x Manual Sewing Machine; 1x Exercise Cloth;1x Extension Spindle; 1x Threader; 1 x Scissors(Random Color); 1 x Tape Measure; 1 x User Manual.
♥ã€?00% Satisfaction Guaranteeã€?If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions within 12 months, please feel free to email us and we will be happy to help you. If necessary, our pictures and detailed information can be searched on Youtube for a video of the sewing machine running. The holiday is coming soon, and you can give it to your loved ones.

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